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The Nigerian Burn Society was established on the 4th of April 2003. It resulted from a resolution that was passed at a meeting of the Nigerian Association of Plastic surgeons and the defunct Nigerian Burn Association. This resulted in the formal dissolution of the Nigerian Burn Association an association that was set up about 1986. The former association was restricted mainly to medical and allied medical personnel that are concerned with care of the burn patient.

The former association served as a forum for practitioners to exchange ideas for the advancement of burn care. However, with the formation of the Nigerian Burn Society, the focus of the society changed to involvement in all aspects of burn care including burn prevention that became a major focus of the society, while maintaining the interest in improvement of care for the individual burn patient.

The membership was also expanded in line with the example of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI). The membership which used to be medical and allied personnel such as doctors of all specialties, nurses, physiotherapist, clinical psychologist, dietician, medical social workers was expanded. The membership was now expanded to include individuals or companies interested in the reduction of the incidence, morbidity and mortality of burns patients. In deed any one in any profession such as journalists, artiste, engineers (They are important in designing fire resistant models), administrators, students and patients are welcomed to join

Our Structure

The society is structured through zones. There is a southwest zone, Southeast zone Northwest zone and Northeast zone. All zones have their annual calendar of activities and organize a burn prevention week around November of every year. There is also a system of committees that reports to the executive committee

Mission & Vision

For The Prevention of Burns and Improvement in Care in Nigeria through Advocacy, Training, Education and Fellowship.


Our membership are in the following categories.

Regular Member

Physicians, Surgeons, nurses, ancillary workers, scientists and non-medical persons who are actively engaged in the care of some aspect of the burned patient, or who play an active part in attempting to reduce the incidence and harmful effects of the injury.

Senior Member

Upon reaching the age of 65, any member will be granted, upon request, Senior Membership, and be entitled to waiver of dues, although he/she will pay the negotiated rate for the NBIS journal.

Honorary & Life Member

May be conferred on any persons who have given long and devoted service or have brought distinction to the Society or have made an outstanding contribution to some aspect of the problem of burns. Honorary Members should be recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the AGM.

Honorary Member

May be conferred on any patient who has suffered from burns and any person who has cared for a burn-injured patient.Members of the public such as journalists who have shown interest in the problems of burns.

Coresponding Member

May beconferred on any member of ISBI who is not resident in Nigeria and applies for membership.

Corporate Member

May be conferred on any corporation, firm or medical institution, which desires to become a member.

What we do


We educate the public on burn prevention, burn injuries and first aid treatment of burns. To this end, we organize workshops, seminars, lectures, drills and other educational activities in schools, markets, places of worship and other public places. Our fliers, enablers, cartoons and tools have served as veritable tools of education over the years.


We train and retrain our members and the public on practicalities of burn prevention, control of small household fires, actions to take in case of fire incidence. Our fire fighter members have been a great resource to our training programmes through fire drills and demonstrations. We also partner with international organization in emergency and continued treatment of severe burns.


Our society reaches out to government and agents of government, non-governmental organizations, corporations and other stakeholders by providing data and other epidemiological resources useful in burn prevention and treatment. We also provide information and personnel on demand in order to manage burn disasters.


Dr. Cletus Ikechukwu Otene


Dr. Olukayode Ayodele Iyun

1st Vice President/Editor

Agboola Christianah Modupe

2nd Vice President

Dr Chinedu Ilokanuno

General Secretary

Akintunde Joseph AKINTAYO

Ex-Officio I

Ex-Officio II

Past Presidents

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c/o Dr Chinedu Ilokanuno
Department of Surgery,

Azikwe University Teaching Hostpital
Anambra State
P: +234-8035407516
E: info@nbis.org.ng

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